Recent Revisions

RecentRevisions on WordPress.orgUpdate

I’m excited to let you know that Benjamin Pick has taken over as the primary developer of Recent Revisions. It’s nice to know that Recent Revisions is useful to other people. He’s already made improvements and released v1.1.1. Get it at


To install, download, no need to unzip just leave it as it is. Then from your WordPress administration page, click on Plugins -> Add New -> Upload -> Browse… When you have found the click OK and Install Now. From the Plugins Page “Activate Now” Then select Dashboard and ensure your RecentRevisions are visible by selecting “Recent Revisions” under Screen Options (top right corner)

The new widget will show up automatically on your dashboard (if it doesn’t – let me know!)

Why recent revisions…

I’ve been working on a new site for openXdata documentation – will be unleashed to the world shortly – and moving forward we’ll have a handful of us editing it. As I decided to misappropriate WordPress to make a website, we want to use WP’s revision control. Out of the box it seems to work great, although, I’ve only been testing so far so we’ll see what happens when we all try and use it for real. On each post you can easily see what revisions have been made and by who.

But we need some kind of overview screen of the recent revisions and I couldn’t find anything that gave me an overview of recent revisions for the admin interface, and not for the front end. I’d be delighted to be wrong as I’m not a great coder so please do comment with other suggestions.

In the absence of suggestions, I found Rick’s ( dashboard widget for displaying recent posts but that still wasn’t ordering things how I wanted or giving me the revision author. So I stripped out the code I didn’t understand (I don’t really know php so I just decided to take out all the mysterious bits), and reworked the rest so it displayed a revision overview. Enjoy! Comments and Feedback welcome.